Main SEO Link Building Stretagies left for doing

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Main SEO Link Building Stretagies left for doing

Post by christbonn99 on Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:58 am

Hi there,
There are so many Off page SEO techniques which are used for making back links for any website. But What should we can do for making link building for newly fresh website. Because of itself a new website it's too tough work for gain ranking top on the search engine. So can anyone tell me what SEO off page Link Building tasks would be used for creating High quality backlinks.
I Thinks that Manual Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking these 2 are important to generate linkwheel for any new website. Today's on may blogs that I read that link wheel is dead in terms of SEO. So for making a new website's SEO presence online what should we have to do for it. Can anyone suggest here?


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