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Tank007 flashlights

Post by RogerLee on Thu Oct 29, 2015 1:22 am

The following’s tips telling you how to use and maintain your small flashlights:

1、Don’t charge parallel, otherwise it will produce irregular charging current.
2、Can not use battery reverse to make short-circuit.
3、When the battery is fully discharged, the charging time should be extended to reach the saturation power.
4、Store the battery in a cool dry, the temperature not higher than 45 ℃ environment
5、In case the battery is fully charged or half full, do not store a lot of battery-intensive
6、Do not touch acid gases, to avoid the fire
7、Do not incinerate or disassemble the batteries, which are corrosive chemicals will damage the skin and eyes
8、Do not pull the battery leads or plugs to prevent damage to joints and joints.
9、Do not mix different types of batteries
10、Welding, soldering, etc. required connecting piece on different types of batteries.
11、Fully charged before initial use with a small current if it is a high lumen flashlight

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