Vertical roller mill provide raw materials for the development

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Vertical roller mill provide raw materials for the development

Post by weiyike on Sun May 31, 2015 9:09 pm

Materials industry is the basic industry of the national economy and new materials development is the precursor material industry is an important strategic emerging industries. 12 The period of five years, China's hardware industry Wholesale strong critical period. Accelerate the culture and development of new materials industry, to lead the upgrading of industrial materials, supporting the development of strategic emerging industries, protection of major national construction projects, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries , to build a new international competition advantage is an important strategic significance.
After decades of struggle, China's new materials industry from scratch, development and constant expansion, in the aspect of building the system, on an industrial scale, technological progress remarkable achievements, made a significant contribution to the national economy and the construction of national defense, have a good basis for development.
Vertical roller mill supply raw materials for the development of the new materials industry.
The initial formation of the new materials industry system. China's new materials R &D and implementation started in the field of national defense science and technology industry, after years of development, expansion of the demand for new materials in the field of national economy, initial training of including R &D, design, production and application, varieties of relatively complete industrial system of categories.
From the internal point of view, twelfth five-year plan is a critical period of building a well-off of an all-round way society is to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode in the crucial period, the strategic adjustment of the economic structure of the new materials industry offers significant opportunities for development. On the one hand, and accelerating the cultivation and development of environmental protection energy saving, new technologies of information generation, manufacturing of high-end equipment, new energy and new energy vehicles and strategic emerging industry, the implementation of major projects of the national economy and national defense construction, industry, new materials must provide support and protection, new material development Industry will provide a broad market space. Furthermore, the enormous size of China's industrial raw materials, building more and more excess capacity in some industries constraints, resources, energy and the environment, there is an urgent need develop new materials industry, accelerate industrial processing equipment and upgrading, and cultivate new growth points.
In today's world, the rapid development of science and technology, new materials, materials for industrial upgrading products change rapidly, accelerating the pace of modernization. The new materials technology and nanotechnology, biotechnology, the integration of information technology with demonstrated integration of the function of the structure, functional materials, intelligent trend, the low carbon material, the green cycle renewable and environmentally friendly features attracted more and more attention.
The development of new materials industry in China, but as inseparable from the industry of ultrafine powder, especially Clirik, a group of superfine grinding machine production companies, for grinding superfine powder processing machines ore is an important industrial raw material to synthesize new materials. Technical progress of ultra-fine grinding equipment, has an important significance for the development of the new materials industry.


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