The identification method of Raymond mill roll material

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The identification method of Raymond mill roll material

Post by weiyike on Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:32 pm

Raymond Mill roll and grinding material ring portions generally have the high manganese steel, quality carbon structural steel, cast three. So how separate the purchase of Raymond mill accessories such material. The most accurate is s R thanks to professional tests, but for customers, this method is not practical. Today, SBM machines to identify the most fundamental method to tell us.
1 magnetic. In general, the high manganese steel is not magnetic. But when the production processing, the oxide layer and surface repairs can be slightly magnetic. Within the normal range. The magnets can be used to judge. While the material 65 and manganese alloy is obviously is highly magnetic.
2 appearance. The steel high manganese grinding roller and grinding ring hardness and toughness is very high, and its machining difficulty is high. Therefore, the mill roll in high manganese steel generally refers to the inner orifice and the top and bottom cutout. Appearance is not treated. Crushing roller surface is very smooth and beautiful ring is not significant high manganese steel.


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