The development of new VSI sand making machine parts

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The development of new VSI sand making machine parts

Post by weiyike on Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:42 pm

With the continuous development of China's economy, various types of major construction projects have gradually increased, overall demand in the past, natural sand is the project with the main source of sand, now with integration the adjustment of the mining industry, mining machinery operating competitiveness will increase over previous years, competition on prices gradually evolved towards competition in R &D. And in recent years due to the large scale of river sand, the uncontrollable exploitation Lee, resulting in reduced river sand resources, ecological environment, which led to a series of natural disasters, to protect sand resources, a series of limited production policies enacted and implementations, river sand resources on the increasingly small market, sand required engineering meet, resulting in prices climbing sand, many investors have moved sand industry. And promote the industry of VSI sand making machine parts continue to grow.
In recent years, artificial sand and the increasing impoverishment of the construction of the national infrastructure in a huge demand for the aggregate of sand production industry has become the market of building materials a profitable blue chip stocks, to provide enough raw materials, production, coupled with rich China stone resources for the production of artificial career so hot sand. But as the market continues to heat up, production problems are emerging, such as VSI sand making machine behind, a serious waste of resources, the particle size does not meet the national standards, has made a major obstacle to the rapid development of the sand industry. So this is an effective new sand machine parts and making sand is very necessary.
Parts industry sand making machines towards modernization, the mature development, new VSI sand making machine parts in this environment, it is to play one of the most prominent advantages. The development process, machine parts manufacturing sand from scratch, from small to large, from the act of his own free will, centralized management, step is to to efficient VSI sand making machine motor parts.


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