Raymond mill made construction waste no place to hide

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Raymond mill made construction waste no place to hide

Post by weiyike on Mon Mar 30, 2015 8:59 pm

At present, the number of construction waste in our country have been accounted for the total city solid wastes 30%-40%. To 500-600 tons / million square meters of standard of construction waste, to 2020, our country will also add a building area of about 30000000000 square meters, the new generation of construction waste will be a shocking number. However, the vast majority of construction garbage without any treatment, will be the construction unit to suburban or rural, open-air stacking or landfill, the consumption of a large number of land acquisition fee, garbage removal fees of construction funds, at the same time, the removal and scattered and dust, flying sand lime problems such as stacking process also causes serious environmental pollution.
Raymond mill
Our country city urbanization development too fast, construction, construction of various buildings, structures and other construction, demolition, renovation and decoration housing residents are generated in the process of slurry, Yu Zha, mud and other waste materials to form a large number of construction waste, with the disadvantages of traditional landfill increasingly apparent, building garbage disposal way voice Risheng new. From Europe and the United States and other developed countries, China gradually formed construction waste crushing processing, processing and production of unburned brick, road pad, ballast stone and cement admixture etc.. Construction waste treatment equipment has gradually come into the people's vision, to become the market competing for the introduction of new development opportunity, Raymond mill is emerge as the times require in this case.
Zhengzhou general Mine Machine Co., Ltd R & D Raymond mill used in construction waste processing terminal phase, the treatment efficiency can be effectively improved construction waste, faster construction waste processing for ballast stone, road pad layer, baking free brick raw material and so on the many kinds of granularity material.
Raymond mill to a previous building garbage disposal equipment coarse crushing idea, through the processing ability of its own, can be rapid processing of construction waste to finer granularity, the application field of the construction waste to further enhance. At present, after the treatment of construction waste recycled brick only in the field of processing appeared in numerous application innovation. The solid brick, hollow brick, Holland brick color, permeable brick, square brick, grass planting brick, or by government departments to vigorously advocate green renewable building materials products. Construction waste treatment industry remarkable development momentum. With demand for environmental protection increased, building garbage disposal and construction waste treatment device of Raymond mill also will get extensive application.


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