sand cleaning method of the system of machine body of land

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sand cleaning method of the system of machine body of land

Post by weiyike on Thu Mar 26, 2015 8:16 pm

Sand making machine to provide reliable overall on our infrastructure Shi Jianshe, made a contribution, so well known, sand making construction machinery as the mainstay, with China in recent years of development is also growing steadily, now with a solid performance on the market, many users prefer. The user knows, crusher sand material mainly in stone, in the production process will inevitably waste rock in the body, if not a lot of time to clean, it will affect the sand making the efficiency of production of the machine, leading to a decrease in production. The next future machines for introducing sand making body cleaning method of the machine of dirt
cleaning sand making machine is divided in acid cleaning and alkali cleaning, pickling hydrochloric acid solution: ex first introduced will be about twenty percent of injection dirt park machines, about ten minutes after the re-use liquid rinse clean clean, note that this method must be configured in hydrochloric acid solution in water and keep stirring constantly, it is strictly forbidden to pour water in hydrochloric acid. Then see alkali washing: first start the generator, in twenty kilograms of water plus one point five kg of caustic soda and zero point five kilograms of kerosene is configured to inject a dirt cleaning fluid, with constantly swept cleaning rod from dirt dissolved by washing, and finally with water.
Acid or alkali What have certain corrosive to metal, the proportion and cleaning time so we need to master the cleaning liquid.


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