VSI limestone sand making machine

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VSI limestone sand making machine

Post by weiyike on Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:23 pm

With the development of the construction of the floor of high quality paving asphalt, asphalt paving mixture overall pick performance is particularly important. The asphalt bond strength and the stone is good or bad, directly affects the performance of the asphalt, many engineering early damage is due to the lack of stone and asphalt adhesion. According to the requirement of the technology of the asphalt pavement materials, limestone is alkaline, good adhesion with the asphalt, so the local use of limestone rich resources, processing of sand and gravel aggregate to the station mix concrete, railway construction, highway, etc ..
As everyone knows, the main constituent of limestone is calcium carbonate, lime and limestone used as a building material, it is also an important raw material for many industrial. Pierre blasting down from the mountains in the feeder vibration dump trucks will be less than 630mm of stone, stone vibrating feeder evenly into the jaw crusher, jaw crusher for the first section of the crusher stone, d a broken jaw in the stone 80mm - 160mm or more, in the second stage crusher crushing by the skin of belt conveyor, the circular vibration screen will be larger than the 40mm back against break-attack rubble 40mm below the stone in the VSI sand making machine finally sieve sieve classification of the finished material through the circular vibration, larger than the finished product in the sand making machine to break, finished product conveyor to band finished area.
Thanks to the introduction process sand over limestone production, everyone Conna T have the need for this material limestone in the treatment process. production line calcareous sand with SBM to customers, including feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen VSI, and so on, the line of reasonable structure, high production efficiency, high efficiency, single output operation, widely used in road, railway, water conservation, bridges, chemical, coal and other industries and sectors.
SBM VSI sand making machine system of the machine than the traditional sand making machine, as the beginning of the year 50% of the new developed products now contain places is commissioned and obtained good results. VSI Machine treated comprehensively sand gravel using Dozen stone stone and the principle hot stone , granularity of sand, high compressive strength, far more than ordinary natural sand, sand hammer hit the sand production of the architectural requirements, more can improve the quality of construction.


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