VSI sand making machine enable customers to fully get every income

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VSI sand making machine enable customers to fully get every income

Post by weiyike on Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:40 pm

At present, the development of China's construction is gradually moving towards a new height, now for the aggregate demand has no longer the same as before, so the single, which led to the technology development of crusher and sand making machine line must have new breakthrough. Cobble as corrosion, wear resistance, strength the hard artificial sandstone natural stone, in today's era has become the most frequent use of construction waste materials and ideal.
Sand making machine in cobble sand production line system is most important in a broken link, crushing capacity and technology of the equipment is closely linked with the final finished aggregate. Now the sand making machine models often used in the market there are two classes were VIS sand making machine and PL sand making machine, customers can according to the needs of different yield and product materials to choose from.
VSI sand making machine is based on foreign selected into the technology and experimental study on absorbing domestic cobble stone after the launch of the professional cobble pressure blasting machine, the device can be directly applied enough kinetic energy to the material, and also the realization of the principle of the stone dozen stone and stone blacksmith to broken, so can make the crusher have a more lasting combat capability. VSI sand making machine many advantages are derived from the designer to understand the views of customers. By improving the energy utilization rate, reduce the wear rate, prolong the repair period, reduce the repair time and improve the crushing effect and the level of control, designers developed can realize cobble pressure blasting machine unit with lowest cost and convenient operation.


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