How to choose the stone crusher machine?

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How to choose the stone crusher machine?

Post by weiyike on Fri Mar 20, 2015 1:28 am

Because of the needs of the market, coal investors the equipment requirements are very strict, different users have different needs, and the requirement and demand changes constantly with the development of the market, if not up to the requirements, will directly affect the development of the coal industry. So, improving crushing reduced productivity has a great significance to break power, our company thinks.
Popular stone crusher machine for sale
Have crushed in the crushing process, can not only result in the waste of resources, affecting the economic efficiency of enterprises, the actual yield will be reduced. Other factors associated with the requirements of environmental protection and improve the surrounding powdered coal production rate to a minimum is the key to the crushing operation. Crushing operation is a very important part of coal preparation process, crushing machine principle different, the scope of the use of different.
So what type of crusher of coke in the most appropriate?
Double teeth roll crusher? Based on the double toothed roll crusher is in the original double roll crusher, double teeth roll crusher is mainly applicable to the mining, metallurgical, chemical, coal and other industries brittle bulk material of coarse, medium crushing, double teeth roll crusher feed particle size, discharge size adjustable, can resist pressure less than or equal to 160Mpa raw material crushing. Especially in the coal industry, the use of double tooth roller crusher coke, coal, coal gangue, long after impurity removal, removal of iron, in addition, without waste is directly used for crushing, double teeth roll crusher broken out of the material, uniform particle size, powder grinding rate is low, thus simplifying the preparation process, reduce the the investment and production cost.


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