Vertical Roller Mill Diversified Applications

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Vertical Roller Mill Diversified Applications

Post by weiyike on Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:58 pm

Vertical roller mill as a green powder industry's image ambassador, has been adhering to the green energy efficient development paths, relates to the field of with industrial demand continued to expand, becoming stronger. Become indispensable backbone powder industry development.
vertical roller mill
With the depth development of industrial demand and all kinds of ore materials, construction and metallurgy mill equipment is also in the reform and continuous improvement, equipment from the original mill development up to now: vertical roller mill, superfine grinding machine, milling machine, and many other conical mill equipment series, material processing from the beginning: Mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, and now the development of various concentrate stone, relates to the power plant, cement factory, laboratory and other industries.
LUM vertical roller mill
Vertical roller mill equipment, compact structure, good performance, stable operation, good wear resistance, the production of small noise, low energy consumption, excessive high. From the quality and performance of equipment double aspect upgraded at the same time, bring our customers do not like to experience. To give full play to grinding mill equipment green environmental advantages, in order to pave the way to promote the green powder development.
LUM Ultrafine vertical roller mill


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