SBM successfully developed for coal desulfurization mill

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SBM successfully developed for coal desulfurization mill

Post by weiyike on Mon Mar 16, 2015 8:59 pm

Stage coal is still the country's most important source of energy, will produce sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases from coal combustion, directly discharged into the air is bound to cause air pollution. Vertical milling machine for the desulfurization of traditional high cost, not suitable for use; SBM based coal characteristics, successfully developed for coal desulfurization mill.
Fuel is the basic raw material of thermal power, which costs accounted for 60% to 80% of the cost of electricity. Different types of equipment for coal grinding mill has a different effect, need to choose according to the actual situation of the plant. But it is precisely because of the many features of vertical roller mill, vertical roller mill itself requires the material requirements and more stringent operating environment, vertical milling equipment high price is not affordable.
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On SBM company produced Mill HGM series of columns made some improvements from the vertical roller mill grinding ring to form pressurization system design, all reflect a higher level of technical concepts. Improve fuel quality thermal power plants, burning degree, both the need to increase the economic benefits of thermal power plants, but also thermal power plants to reduce emissions, the need to protect the environment. This is mainly our primary energy structure determined by the rich coal, oil, less gas is China's resource characteristics.
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High pressure hanging vertical roller mill equipment, according to Raymond mill improvement from the first generation of high pressure mill products, increase high-pressure spring in ensuring the stability of the equipment operation, but to improve the fineness of grind, grind enhanced efficiency. Ultra-fine grinding equipment is also based on the principle of Raymond mill improvements made, but draws more too high pressure hanging vertical roller mill performance in the development process.
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SBM experts believe that the use of appropriate mill burning coal mining equipment for treatment, not only can greatly improve the utilization of coal is still saving, environmental protection, economic and other aspects have a huge advantage.


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