Track Mounted Mobile Crushing Plant's Features

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Track Mounted Mobile Crushing Plant's Features

Post by W13579 on Fri Mar 13, 2015 5:37 am

Track mounted portable crusher station is mainly used in the crusher are jaw crusher and impact crusher, crawler mobile crushing station can be divided into four series - cone crusher tracked mobile crusher, jaw crusher crawler portable crusher station, crusher crawler mobile crushing station.
Features of portable crusher:
1. Track mounted portable crusher station products are light weight, small size, especially for narrow field of work; 2. Transport convenience, crawler, no damage to the road, with a multi-purpose attachments, adapt to a wide range; 3. set by the material, crushing, conveying and other process equipment as a whole; 4. Machine with all-wheel drive, enabling pivot turn, the standard configuration, quick change device, with perfect security features, especially for narrow space, complex region; 5. save fuel, fuel savings of up to 25%; 6. supplied power pack - optimized design; 7. You can climb the job, to meet mine, hydropower, coal and other engineering requirements broken.
1. The portable crusher and screening equipment to work with a multi-functional characteristics; 2. widely used in mining, coal, cement industry crushing hard materials mining site; 3. Construction waste recycling, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other venues operations; 4. Handling topsoil and a variety of other materials; separation viscous aggregate coagulation; construction and demolition industry; screening after crushing; quarrying industries. 5. Concrete road reconstruction peeling crusher, crushing former asphalt concrete material regeneration.


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