Vertical roller mill environmental advocate phosphogypsum utilization project

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Vertical roller mill environmental advocate phosphogypsum utilization project

Post by weiyike on Tue Mar 10, 2015 9:26 pm

Phosphogypsum is produced in response to a post-production of phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid phosphate rock solid waste, mainly composed of calcium sulfate, and containing phosphorus, fluorine, silicon dioxide and other harmful organic substances and impurities. In recent years, state advocates the protection of the environment to conserve resources, for the provision of products other than the original design, production and utilization of solid waste generated in the process. Phosphogypsum after deep processing is the most widely used in cement production. Phosphogypsum can be used instead of natural gypsum cement retarder.
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As early as 1955, some foreign countries have started phosphogypsum as cement retarder, began to replace natural gypsum, phosphogypsum its traditional applications will filter to the phosphogypsum with rotary dryer dried and sent to Rotary lime calcining kiln. And now the technology is available directly from industrial LM vertical milling machine for grinding, the vertical roller mill itself comes with a dryer to dry, and then grinding into powder, which is added to cement production.
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Phosphogypsum cement system process:
Hemihydrate gypsum and sand, with a vertical milling machine directly after the coke is made by grinding dried powder, injection, according to certain proportion, and then upgrade the raw material library by kiln dust hopper into the raw material and the Health and kiln dust bin, even through the kiln into the rotary kiln. After calcination, the calcination process, there is still fuel vertical milling machine grinding out the coal, living material preheating, decomposition, clinker provide heat. After firing the clinker cooler cooling chunks fall by jaw crusher into small pieces, and then vertical roller mill into a powder by clinker bucket elevator into the clinker silo, cement raw materials become One.
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It then the whole production process requires equipment crusher, vertical roller mill and rotary kiln, cement raw materials will only be one after its processing. There are generally used crusher jaw crusher and impact crusher, mills have MTW European version of the mill, Raymond mill and a vertical milling machine. Because cement production yields usually relatively large, large output selectable vertical milling machine, the finished size between 200 mesh -3250 mesh, can be selected according to the actual needs of the finished product particle size.


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