Vibration grinding machinery applications increasingly widespread

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Vibration grinding machinery applications increasingly widespread

Post by weiyike on Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:34 pm

Agitating mill are widely used in various fields of national economy, in which ultra-fine grinding mill can be 10um following size products. Squirrel-cage mill stir in recent years developed a new mill, the main structural features are fitted with a stirrer shaped like a squirrel-cage rotor cylindrical grinding chamber. This paper analyzes the squirrel-cage stir refiner cavity fluid field.
Vertical Roller Mill
Flow state refiner chamber determines the grinding media in the movement and its effect on the material crushing and grinding energy consumption, while small grinding media to a certain extent, the flow of fluid from the cavity in the form of vertical roller mill grinding media presence or not affected. Grinding chamber in fluid velocity gradient field size and energy consumption is proportional to the velocity gradient large area is the energy consumption of the region, in the area of ??grinding media collide friction between the material to produce efficient grinding effect.
Using the finite element method for the flow field of circular cross section of the grinding chamber for modeling and simulation. First by grinding chamber formed in the shape computing section, using the finite element software for automatic mesh section is divided, then the applied load and boundary conditions. Calculated by the finite element within the circular cross-section of the slurry velocity vector and velocity contour plots.
Vertical Roller Mill
Finite element simulation results show that the grinding media in the grinding chamber is slurry with different flow rates and movement, speed and low-speed movement of the media campaign media collide compare notes with each other, so that the material is being ground between the velocity gradient greater area relative motion between the grinding media is larger, the abrasive action of the material is more significant. Therefore, in determining the speed of the grinding chamber gradient region, and then try to make grinding media campaign through this area, you can make a good grinding mill to produce results.
The figure shows the velocity contour, formed on both sides of the outer diameter of the rotor stirring speed gradient region has two annular regions, in particular by stirring the outer diameter of the rotor to the cylinder wall area between the grinding gradient higher. Thus, how to adjust the size and structure of the vertical roller mill grinding media, the relevant parameters of the fluid, make the most of the grinding media through the above area is the design of high-speed gradient optimization purposes.
Vertical Roller Mill
Through research and analysis of fluid field, the velocity gradient can be found in a large area, and the ball under different conditions ranging from high-speed parameter by parameter gradient region, to achieve the purpose of optimizing the parameters.


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