Several aspects of the purchase of the mill should be noted

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Several aspects of the purchase of the mill should be noted

Post by weiyike on Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:28 pm

With China's economic development, increasing mill technology has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years, milling machine manufacturers do a lot, but really heavy mass scale but not much. Many customers at the time of purchase of equipment deceived, then how can we buy cost-effective mill it? So what kind of milling machine to meet customer demands? After careful study of many engineers, absorb advanced technology, successfully developed a new mill in the traditional basis of the mill is mainly used for all kinds of Mohs hardness of less than six non-explosive brittle materials, milling industry is currently the best choice for replacement equipment.
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When you purchase the mill should be aware of the following aspects:
The first is the election of the manufacturers, in the purchase of the mill, have to compare various manufacturers mill quality and service as well as the company's reputation, not to take any cheap temporary, affect the future of normal use.
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The second is based on the characteristics of their own to buy materials suitable mill: high hardness, requiring production of large models to choose high mill, the material is even accompanied by relatively wet dryer.
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Third, after the purchase of the mill but also try to match sets of wearing parts, such as: grinding ring, roller, blade, copper covers. Such use of the process in the future even if the topic appears, quickly replaced without affecting production.


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