Main Components and Test of Jaw Crusher Machine

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Main Components and Test of Jaw Crusher Machine

Post by W13579 on Tue Jan 06, 2015 6:09 am

The main components
Chassis: Rack is opening up and down the walls of a rigid frame, eccentric shaft is used as a support and withstand the reaction of broken material, requires sufficient strength and stiffness, usually with the whole cast steel, minicomputers can also be used in place of high-quality cast iron. Mainframe need segmented cast chassis, and then bolt securely link into a whole, the casting process is complicated. Rack made small jaw crusher machine can also be thick steel plate welded together, but less stiffness.
Jaw plate and side guards: Fixed jaw and movable jaw by the jaw and jaw bed plates, jaw is working part, fixed bed in the jaw and wedge bolts. Fixed jaw jaw bed frame is anterior, moving jaw jaw hanging bed Week, have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the crushing reaction force, which is mostly steel or cast iron.
Transmission Parts: Eccentric shaft is crusher spindle torque curve by a huge, high-carbon steel. Eccentric parts should be finishing, heat treatment, bearing metal casting with babbitt. Eccentric shaft pulley mounted at one end and the other end mounted flywheel.
No-load test:
(1) Jaw crusher 2 hours of continuous operation, the bearing temperature must not exceed 30 ℃; (2) All fasteners should be firm, not loose; (3) flywheel, smooth operation of the sheave; (4) All parts without friction abrasion, chipping and grinding phenomenon, no unusual sound; (5) nesting population adjustment device should be able to guarantee the nesting population adjustment range.
Load test:
(1) jaw crusher machine periodic or may not have a significant impact, percussion; (2) The maximum feed size should meet the design requirements; (3) continuous operation 8h, bearing temperature should not exceed 30 ℃.


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