Types and Constructor of Jaw Crusher Machine

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Types and Constructor of Jaw Crusher Machine

Post by W13579 on Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:51 am

Jaw crusher appeared in 1858. Although it is an old crushing equipment, but because of having a simple structure, reliable, easy to manufacture, easy maintenance, etc., it is still in metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industry and railways sectors widely available. In metal mining, which is used mostly for hard or medium hard ore crushing and broken.
Jaw crusher is usually in accordance with movable jaw plate (moving jaw) to classify motion characteristics, the industry's most widely There are two main types: 1. the movable jaw plate elbows to make a simple swing mechanism (called simply tilting) of the jaw crusher. 2. the movable jaw for complex single swing brackets institutions (the so-called re-tilting) of the jaw crusher. Hydraulic technology has been applied in the crushing equipment, there has been a hydraulic jaw crusher.
(1) simple pendulum jaw crusher; (2) compound pendulum jaw crusher; (3) hydraulic jaw crusher.
Link only simple pendulum jaw crusher only, it is a linkage rod body and headers. Because when you work under tension, so with steel production. There are two integral link body and a combination of the former and more for medium and small jaw crusher, which is mainly used for large jaw crusher. In order to reduce the inertia of the link, the link should strive to reduce the weight of the body, so medium and small jaw crusher generally use the "work" of the word "ten" shaped cross-section structure, and large jaw crusher is used box section form. For hydraulic jaw crusher is concerned, the body is also equipped with a rod hydraulic cylinder (piston), insurance role overload when starting the machine.
Adjusting means it is the crusher machine discharge mouth size of the adjustment mechanism. With the broken tooth plate wear, port of discharge increases, the crushed product size continues to thicken. In order to ensure product size requirements, must take advantage of the adjustment device, periodically adjust the size of the port of discharge.


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