Technology Type of Crusher Machine

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Technology Type of Crusher Machine

Post by W13579 on Fri Dec 19, 2014 12:14 am

According to crushing force acting manner [url= ]crusher machine[/url] can be roughly divided into two categories: (1) Crushers (2) grinding machines.
Crusher generally handle larger pieces of material, product coarser, usually greater than 8 mm. Its structure is characterized by a certain gap between the crushing member, is not in contact with each other. Crusher can be divided into coarse crusher, the crusher and crushing machine. Generally mill processed materials smaller product size is fine, up to 0.074 mm, even more thin. The structure is characterized by broken parts (or medium) contact with each other, the medium used is steel balls, steel bars, gravel or mineral mass. But some machinery is with both crushing and grinding action, such as from the mill. ∮5.5 × 1. 8 m since the mill processed ore particle size limit of up to 350 to 400 mm.
According broken way, the mechanical structural characteristics (action principle) to divide, roughly divided into six categories: (1) Jaw Crusher (tiger mouth). Crushing effect is by periodically movable jaw against the fixed jaw plate, the folder in which the crushed ore blocks; (2) Cone crusher. Nugget is between the inner and outer cone, outer cone fixed eccentric swing within the cone, the folder in which the Nuggets crushed or broken; (3) Roll crusher. Nuggets in two counter-rotating rollers caught in a circle, primarily due to the continuous crushing effect, but also with a grinding stripping effect, as well as chipping toothed roller surface effect; (4) Impact crusher. Nugget effect rapid rotation of the impact of moving parts are crushed. Fall into this category can be divided into: hammer crusher; Cage crusher; [url= ]crusher machine[/url]; (5) Grinding machine. Ore by grinding media (balls, steel bars, gravel or mineral blocks) impact and abrasive in a rotating cylinder was crushed.


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