Ultrafine vertical roller mill in cement industry

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Ultrafine vertical roller mill in cement industry

Post by onlysunny on Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:40 am

In the production system of modern cement industry, including raw material grinding,grinding cement grinding, the slag grinding and pulverized coal preparation. Ultrafine vertical roller mill widely used in cement industry and is generally believed that the power consumption of unit cement grinding materials accounted for the comprehensive energy consumption of 60% ~ 70%, thus, improving efficiency, reducing power consumption of grinding has been the research focus of the cement industry grinding technology.

As everyone knows, in 2010 when the integration of relevant cement enterprises , the closure of small cement companies and provisions of the. According to relevant statistics,2010 eliminated 18 households all machine shaft kiln cement enterprises, the total production capacity of 3320000 tons, out of the iron and steel enterprises 2 households, the total production capacity of 250000 tons, according to the relevant policy,low productivity, high energy consumption, high pollution of cement enterprises will be discontinued, many enterprises have removed the old equipment, new dry process cement production equipment, the transition to a large-scale production capacity, equipment innovation boom caused by vertical mill to replace ball mill, tube mill.

Zenith to solve industrial milling yield is low, energy consumption higher technical difficulties, absorb advanced technology in Europe and combined with years of design mill zenith technology advanced manufacturing concepts and the demand of the market, after years of painstaking the improved design of large grinding equipment -LM series of vertical roller mill (cement vertical mill) is a kind of high efficient energy saving drying and grinding equipment. Set crushing, drying, grinding , powder selection, transportation as a whole, the limited bed grinding principle, has the advantages of high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, drying capacity, product fineness easy adjustment, simple process, small occupied area, low noise, no dust pollution, low abrasion, has the advantages of convenient maintenance, reliable running etc..

According to the development of China's first large cement vertical mill's success, the vertical mill grinding cement raw materials than the ball mill can save electricity by 20% ~ 30%, the vertical roller mill grinding slag can save 30% ~ 40%. And the obvious energy saving effect, obvious environmental advantages, and have achieved good economic benefit. A large number of promotion in grinding cement industry from the side, the preparation of coal powder and slag grinding, grinding calcined gypsum and grinding of non use of large quantities of metal mine, at the same time in the pre grinding cement clinker, slag, but also has good prospects for development.


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