YouTube Video to Gif - How to add text on existing gif files

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YouTube Video to Gif - How to add text on existing gif files

Post by miniavatar on Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:44 pm

YouTube Video to Gif - How to add text on existing gif files

When you are watching an animated GIF on internet, do you want add some texts on it? And it can be transformed into your GIF and becomes more interesting than before.

Many of us may get a gif picture, and also want to add text to gif in order to get it different and funny from others. The Video to Gif Converter can give you an easy way to add text to gif, you also can add different text to different frame of the gif.

The actor of the following figure seems crazy.

After add text it's much more funny.

How to add text on existing gif files

If you add a text on it, maybe it can demonstrate his mood exactly. By YouTube to Gif Converter software, you can click "More" and "Modify Existing GIF" to open your GIF.

Next, you can add your text on GIF following this step by step tutorial. And how interesting your created GIF depends on that how interesting your inserted text.

Use YouTube Video to Gif Converter software to create GIFs with your wanted texts. After capturing your favouite video clip, you can click "Edit" button on the main window and add some texts on target GIFs as the following example.

The above figure shows that you add two subtitles. One is for husband and the other is the wife's words. The last created GIF may like the following GIF. Is it interesting?

So easy to creat gif movie with subtitles, how powerful the YouTube Video to Gif Converter is!


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