Convert YouTube video to Animated GIF with the YouTube to Gif Converter

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Convert YouTube video to Animated GIF with the YouTube to Gif Converter

Post by miniavatar on Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:43 pm

Convert YouTube video to Animated GIF with the YouTube to Gif Converter

Convert YouTube Video to Gif maybe a headache problem for many people who want to turn video to animated gif when they found a funny part of the video on YouTube. If you can convert YouTube video to gif, you can get an own avatar for yourself on your blog, or you can share it with your friends to make them belly laugh.

Many of us like animated gif pictures for its funny moments and we also have seen thousands of gif pictures, but did you make a gif picture by yourself or did you get an unique gif picture? After you read this article, you can do this and get the powerful assistant which also can help you convert YouTube video to gif in an easy way.

YouTube to GIF Converter is one of the best and powerful tools that can help you convert YouTube video to gif within several simple steps. YouTube to GIF is a windows application that can convert video to gif animation file with high quality and fast speed when you are watching local or online videos. It supports such as YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Facebook Video, Yahoo video, MSN Video, Google Video, Dailymotion, NICONICO, Metacafe, VEVO, Liveleak, etc. all online video sites, it just means if you can play, the YouTube to Gif can convert your video to gif, so powerful.

Step by step tutorial to use YouTube to GIF Converter

Step 1: Play video
Install and run the YouTube to GIF app and then play your video either local video or online video (play local video with your video player).

Step 2: Move and Resize YouTube to Gif Converter window
Move the YouTube to Gif window on your video and resize the window to proper size that you need.

Step 3: Click "start" button
When the video plays to the time that you want, just click the "start" button, and when you want to end, just click "stop" which instead "start".

By the "edit" button the YouTube to GIF Converter allows you to Cut Unwanted Frames, Create High Definition(HD) GIFs, Create GIF Movie with Subtitles, Add Texts on Existing GIF.

Step 4: Create Gif
At the end you just need to click the "Create GIF" button to get your own gif picture and then share with your friends and family.


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