Manual sugar cane juicer - Enjoy the healthy juice with a DIY juicer

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Manual sugar cane juicer - Enjoy the healthy juice with a DIY juicer

Post by miniavatar on Thu Nov 13, 2014 11:34 pm

Sugar cane is widely planted in the world. It can be enjoyed during most of the time in a year. Due to its high juice extraction rate and lots of nutrient elements contained in its juice, it has become one of the most popular juice among children, adult and the old.The juice of sugar cane contains sugar, protein, fat, calcium,phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, B2, B6, C...etc.It is cool and with good taste for drink.

JM50 Manual Sugar Cane Juicer was designed by UCOWIN on the basis of previous machine on the market,it has adopted the newest technology which overcome the low juice extraction ratio of old type. Main parts of the machine adopts stainless steel, which is healthy and safety to human body.It is compact design and small dimension make it very convenient for family or market use.No matter you want to enjoy the fresh sugar cane juice at home or want to set up small business in the market, it is a best choice for you.

Since its production in 2004, this type Manul Sugar cane Mill has a continuous demand on the market. Have been exported to United States, UK, Spain, Philippines, Sri Lanka,Myanmar, Brazil, its good quality has win us good reputation in the world.

Features of Sugar Cane Juicer
1. Simpale structure with small dimension
2. Easy operation and maintenance
3. High juice extraction ratio

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