Manual meat kebab skewer - How to skewering meat kebab by a manual meat kebab skewer

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Manual meat kebab skewer - How to skewering meat kebab by a manual meat kebab skewer

Post by miniavatar on Thu Nov 13, 2014 11:25 pm

Meat kebab is a popular diet in most of the countries around the world.Usually people skewer it by hand before a party or a picnic.It will waste lots of precious time to skewer it piece by piece. So if there is a Manual Meat Kebab Skewer, everything will be more easily and it will be very helpful for all the work. UCOWIN designed Manual Kebab Skewer can well solve this problem. It is an excellent skewering machine that you have never seen before.This type manual meat skewer can be used with bamboo stick and stainless steel stick. The stick size range from 250-450mm.

The common material for meat kebab is mutton. Sheep are pure herbivores, so mutton will be more easily for digest when compared to beef. Mutton is featured by high protein、low fat and contain lots of phospholipid.It is a good material for barbecues and with good effect.

Kebabs is a very delicious snack, it is widely welcomed by people. Then how can we make the kebabs in family by ourself?

Grilled kebab required for special device, the materialmutton is avaiable in the market.First slice the mutton into small pieces, then mixed with onions, salt, pepper,cumin powder. Marinate for one hour, then use bamboo stick to skewering the meat.The kebab skewering takes lots of time, usually we use a manual kebak skewering machine to finish this job quickly.During roasting period, when the mutton kebab to seven mature,sprinkle some cumin power and pepper powder on it.

Wow, we just cannot waiting for dieting the delicious kebabs.

Features of Manual meat kebab skewer
1. Made by stainless steel
2. Labor saving with high skewering efficiency
3. Easy for operation and durable for use

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