What Elements Influence Grinding Fineness of Raymond Mill?

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What Elements Influence Grinding Fineness of Raymond Mill?

Post by onlysunny on Tue Oct 28, 2014 9:57 pm

Because of research and innovation of all kinds of technology, Raymond mill has wider and wider applications, which plays an increasingly important role in development process of national economy. So, more and more people have the confidence in development prospects of Raymond mill, hence, production of Raymond mill become a popular business. If you want to purchase Raymond mill, you should know something about Raymond mill. Fineness of finished products and output are the problem most concerned by customers, which directly involve fundamental benefit of customers.

Then what factors influence grinding fineness of Raymond mill? Firstly, difference of materials to be ground. Different materials have different grinding fineness. Secondly, influence of feeding granularity. The small the feeding discharging granularity is, the higher the purity is. Thirdly, influence of feeding members. If the feeding members feed too many materials, it will lead to blockage of air door, low output and fine granularity. When it happens such a situation, we should firstly stop feeding or close down the machine to out some materials for reproduction. If the feed is insufficient, the grinding purity will become lower and granularity will become more thick. At that time, we should increase feeding or turn up the valve of ductwork. The last is the influence of air volume. The large the air volume is, the more thick the granularity is and vice versa.

SBM Mining Machinery CO., Ltd. is a trustworthy Raymond mill manufacturer, which has both high-quality Raymond mill and professional technicians to guide your production until you realize normal production. The Raymond mill of our company has such advantages s high efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, one-time investment, low dust pollution and noise, even product granularity, convenient adjustment of fineness and low wearing parts compared with other power grinding equipment in the same industry.


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