The main characteristics and advantages of sand making machine 

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The main characteristics and advantages of sand making machine 

Post by onlysunny on Tue Oct 21, 2014 12:53 am

Sand making machine is one of necessary equipments for sand production line, its performance has achieved the international sand making equipment industry leading level, is the practical and reliable sand making equipment.

The sand making machine is particularly suitable for making building sand, abrasives,refractories, cement, quartz sand, steel, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore,concrete aggregate and so on many kinds of hard and brittle material crushing and grinding, is a kind of high efficient, energy saving of crushed stone sand equipment than the traditional sand making machine, sand making equipment energy saving 50%, is currently the world advanced.
The main characteristics of sand making machine equipment:

Light oil lubricating circulatory system 1, dedicated, ensure that the temperature at 25 degrees or less;

2, the new oil filter system, ensure the bearing and other transmission devices are notaccidental and wear, and thus the stability of the service life;

3, a hydraulic device, automatic flip, reduce labor intensity, maintenance is convenient,fundamentally improve the efficiency in the use of;

4, the materials of aggregate combat material, material against iron and waterfall downfeeding mode, according to the requirements of the freedom of control, from the fundamental solution to the problem of one machine with multifunction;

5, excellent swinging wheel design can reduce the material through the resistance,improve material quantity and the crushing ratio, was 30%-60% higher than the traditionalimpact breaking efficiency;

6, the frame for the first time by new process of hot riveting, enhance the structure strength and toughness of the equipment, ensure the smooth degree of operating equipment, so that the impact the quality up to a new level;

7, the use of advanced oil leakage proof device, exempt from trouble replacing oil seal.


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