Zenith crusher machine is used for mine tailing processed

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Zenith crusher machine is used for mine tailing processed

Post by onlysunny on Mon Oct 20, 2014 4:49 am

Zenith crusher machine , sand making machine, milling machine processing process to highlight its excellent performance in mine tailings, especially the PE series large deep cavity jaw crusher has the characteristics of zenith production of energy saving and high efficiency,big crushing ratio, is widely used in the field of material crushing. A large number of crusher machine , sand making equipment, grinding equipment was applied to the treatment of mine tailings and reprocessing process!

Most of the country's mining resources of low grade, discharge a large amount of tailings in beneficiation process, along with the improvement of degree of utilization of mineral resources, the level of processing technology and the increase of mineral resources in creasingly tense, ore mining grade can be reduced accordingly, tailing quantity also increases. Tailings has become the two resource development and utilization of people,and some traditional mineral tailings will become non traditional mineral raw materials.

The comprehensive utilization of crusher machine is a systems engineering, the development can not simple repetition, not as a by-product of the disposal of mine, should put the evaluation of the country after the tailings resource, management as specified under "mining law" and "comprehensive utilization of resources", make unified planning and orderly development, comprehensive utilization, improve the efficiency of. Before the comprehensive recovery of the tailings utilization, do a good job recycling scheme design, to ensure the safety of tailings dam; adopt new equipment, high technology content, improve the recovery rate; design must have the environmental protection measures in the process of recycling, to the ecological environment reconstruction planning after the recovery.
Study on the comprehensive utilization of tailings utilization technology center, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences from twentieth Century since 80 has been committed to the tailings with zenith technology, new equipment new high impact type system sand machine set tailings crushing and plastic in one, has a number of patented property, can be used to a large number of tailings sand, has extensive application the equipment in the metal ore, quartz sand, slag processing, HeLuanShi sand and tailing sand, sand and other fields of construction waste. In addition, with the European version of jaw crusher and vertical milling machine processing of high calcium magnesium iron tailings producedgrade decorative glass, the main performance is better than the marble, and the tailingsaddition amount has reached 70% ~ 80%.

A large number of facts show that the zenith technology crushing equipment processing mine tailings made significant effect, not only from the mine tailings in the extraction of all kinds of valuable components, and the overall utilization of tailings, so as to reduce the tailings emission and the stock pile, and reduce or resolve the harm of tailings on the environment caused by the fundamentally.

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