Three Types Energy Saving Quarry Crusher

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Three Types Energy Saving Quarry Crusher

Post by onlysunny on Mon Oct 20, 2014 2:53 am

Since this year, China broken machinery industry in the last year on the basis of continued weak unpopular. A quarter, each important parts manufacturers and sales year-on-year has increased substantially, crusher products continuously available. The website editors will this year since the new products on the market to pick up the analysis, its important characteristic is: the invention of environmental protection and energy saving, high efficiency,humanization.

Quarry crusher these characteristics completely right in our years of structural adjustment of economic growth method, also represents the future of our broken machinery market need oriented, and crusher product development trends.

1.Mobile crusher station

The new view of our science and technology research and development of crusher example: crawler mobile crusher station. The device according to the production line of the basic principles, the feeding machine, crusher, sieving machine, conveyor and other multiple device integrated, after large torque tracked vehicle system, complete the flexible mobile whole sand production line,thereby greatly promoted the construction efficiency.

2. The European version of impact crusher

The European version of impact crusher is a new type of equipment and the improvement of the traditional crusher foundation based on considering the function, comprehensive use of equipment, the European version of crusher can complete three cavity and two cavity broken broken choice. To reduce the heavy rotor, can be broken ineffective for disposal of materials. In the current market,the European version of impact crusher has been gradually consolidated its position in the market.

3. VSI sand making machine

Impact crusher control material of self collision separation equipment impact crusher task in reason, stone sand is invalid, but also to become the sand making machine. Our science and technology research and development of VSI sand making machine at present the market was known as the sixth generation of sand making machine. The latest product as the impact crusher, sand making machine with VSI comprehensive comparison inferiority. Whether it is a deep cavity of the rotor plan is still doubly waterfall down feed system, showed are good VSI system sand machine.


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