River gravel sand making machine

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River gravel sand making machine

Post by onlysunny on Tue Oct 14, 2014 11:56 pm

In the field of river pebbles widely distributed, due to easily obtained, rich in resources, there has always been the use of river gravel production of artificial sand industry flourished, river gravel sand making machine and therefore from the introduction to independent research has experienced considerable development , currently used on the market mainly for river gravel crusher jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher, three stages are used in different plays an important role.

The development of modern building materials made of higher raw material requirements, subtle process become a mainstream trend, traditionally a lot of rough materials are more valuable refined further expand the market space, river pebbles is true. River pebbles refined and processed reached the silty granularity can be used as a substitute for a lot of other material, but also because of river pebbles abundant, low cost, so the river gravel finishing then gradually become a trend. Corresponding river gravel crusher also be required to possess the ability to fine processing.

River pebbles used in the production of traditional artificial sand, also known as sand, used in construction, railway and other aspects of the cornerstone, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher crushing process can achieve better results. The river gravel crusher used in precision machining, there are higher requirements of all types of Sand has developed beyond the current, (mainstream VSI sand making machine) can also choose meal mill, processing river pebbles to 0-3mm, produced by the powder is widely used in building materials, as many aspects of admixtures, fillers, etc., at present, the kind of river gravel processing methods being around the river gravel sand production enterprises, to improve the market value of river pebbles.


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