vertical roller mill application in cement production line

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vertical roller mill application in cement production line

Post by onlysunny on Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:35 am

The development of mining industry grow more flour milling machine performance is more and more advanced, more and more kinds of grinding process, and then the application of the flour milling industry more and more widely. In order to meet the milling industry continue to improve on the milling machinery performance requirements, each big milling machine manufacturers continue to develop new products, new generation of vertical milling machine milling equipment is the research and development in this industry background.

Vertical roller mill is widely applied to various industries, construction, metallurgy, ore and so on,among which the most widely used is the manufacture and use of cement.The biggest difference between vertical milling machine and other equipment in cement grinding application lies in the material form different aspects. In addition,the grinding roller vertical milling machine is running along the horizontal circular locus motion on the disc, is applied in the vertical pressure roller grinding through external, make the material on the disc by extruding and shearing action to the material crushing.

Vertical milling machine than other grinding equipment has a lot of advantages in the application in cement. First, the design of vertical mechanism of vertical milling machine, which makes the advantages of smaller area light weight, lowerpower consumption, long service life of wearing parts, is can completely replace the conventional tube mills; on the other hand, vertical mill in grinding the material particle size increased significantly, up to two hundred mm, and according to its own to cancel the two stage crushing. Infrastructure investment is low, the noise is small, this is human nature, modern equipment embodied; finally,more environment-friendly vertical milling machine, vertical milling machine canbe changed very quickly by direct manipulation with preheater compound operation does not increase the volume of cases of dust. In the dry grindingprocess, we are able to low temperature gas comprehensive utilization fromsuspension preheater, more favorable to production, but also has its ownsecurity problems to the workers.

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