Innovation Mode of SBM Raymond mill

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Innovation Mode of SBM Raymond mill

Post by onlysunny on Mon Oct 13, 2014 12:12 am

According to the news reporter was from SBM technology today, SBM Raymond mill product quality Miles activities have been carried out formally recently,designed by the company's technical staff actual in-depth customer production site, understand the most direct customer real needs, digestion and absorption,and constantly improve the fit SBM milling machine products and market demand,to meet the demands of the masses of mill comprehensive machine using the customer, make high-tech mill products of domestic the most value in use.

It is reported, the quality of flour mill miles is a new measure of SBM technology this year for the company customer product launch, the move also broke the domestic mine crushing and grinding machinery and equipment production enterprises in the traditional marketing model, to start from the most basic links,from the most direct need a hand, finishing industry information, boost the product research and development for crushing, grinding equipment, domestic production enterprises to create a market for new development model.

SBM technology from domestic sales department responsible person interview we learned that, the SBM technology mill product quality miles, pre plan to visit more than twenty provinces, covering the company more than 200 customers by the Company mill, mill sales department technical staff, responsible for the manager and the resident market business personnel cooperate with each other, full in-depth customer production site the actual production situation, understand the customer, help customer to solve practical problems, to provide the production of technical guidance, collect the first-line first hand customer usage and customer market data, provide a detailed basis for the company further milling machine product development.

SBM technology has been committed to the development of domestic mining the most high-end crushing and grinding equipment, has launched on the market in the 5X sand making machine, LM vertical milling machine, MTW milling machine,the European version of HPC hydraulic cone crusher, mobile crusher stationtracked a series of has absolute technical superiority of mechanical equipment,made outstanding contribution for the domestic crushing and grinding machineryand artificial mechanism sand, industrial powder industry.

Through the SBM technology mill product quality tour activities, we can see that,as the field of research and development of mine crushing grinding equipment at the top level of domestic production enterprises, SBM technology made inaspects of product development and customer service of unremitting efforts.Believe it is this long-term persistent efforts, carrying the market leading statusSBM technology term, the achievements of SBM science and technology of domestic sand milling equipment the first brand market praise.

Perhaps just as SBM technology production center responsible person said, "our quality of service product is the first step, there is still a long way to go. For a long time, we are committed to creating value for customers, customers gave us honor, we need to use more efficient, meticulous service and high-end, fine products for our customers for our trust and expectation, deliver more value to the customer." I believe a SBM science and technology of advanced enterprise management mode, improve the product quality supervision system and detailed technology development concept, will not live up to the crusher, sand making machine, milling machine customer expectations, to technology products more high-end, more close to the market feedback, feedback customer. At the same time, we also look forward to, look forward to a heavy commitments, keeping promises, pious deeds enterprise brand can develop faster, growing stronger.


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