how to maintain the common problem of vertical roller mill

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how to maintain the common problem of vertical roller mill

Post by onlysunny on Thu Oct 09, 2014 12:07 am

Vertical milling machine and high work efficiency have been recognized by customers. However, sometimes it will "strike". Common fault mainly has: the excessive vibration or emit excessive noise, bearing transmission anomalies, product rough or high temperature, low production efficiency etc..
The main reason is the main bearing speed too low, powered or lack of connection shaft damage before delivery.

The distance between the vertical roller mill grinding plate is too small will cause yield reduction. To the appropriate adjustment to increase the spacing between the disc grinding teeth, serious damage to the low screening efficiency and timely adjustment of dynamic and static grinding grinding or replacement of the new disk parts, a screening device, should be timely inspection adjustment and cleaning screening part; the temperature is too high will lead to a decline in the quality of powder, are mainly high speed exceed the standard, the the case of high-speed operation feed speed is too fast or too much and cause the load increased, the material passing through the gap between the excessive accumulation of disc and the motor consumption increases.

Bearing rotation is not flexible temperature is too high, the main factor is the crushing material into too much dust, pollutants into the the transmission belt is too close, and the bearing heating, the amount of homework is too large, the gap between the disk is too small, broken water content due to big machine bearing temperature increasing and damaged; the reason also urges the bearing enter the contaminant is bearing cover felt serious wear and failure, resulting in rotating sweaty bearing temperature rise. Too much homework when vibration noise, the main reason is imprisoned parts loosening or material such as doped iron can not be broken material etc..
Therefore SBM remind you, in order to ensure the vertical mill in the long-term good working state, to meet the problem should be resolved in a timely manner, to avoid the emergence of small fault when I ignore to continue to operate the machine. Do maintenance and routine maintenance work on the vertical milling machine, vertical milling machine that can the long-term effective work. SBM Polytron Technologies Inc is a professional production of milling machine milling machine manufacturers, the production equipment, the price is the highest price the same industry suppliers, we are also responsible for set design! Mill equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and technical guidance services, online customer service staff welcome your advice we, SBM sincerely service for you.

vertical roller mill:

vertical roller mill:


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