Vertical Roller Mill Advantages

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Vertical Roller Mill Advantages

Post by onlysunny on Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:09 am

LUM ultrafine vertical mill is a family rises the bright younger generation, it is also from Liming heavy industry diligently innovation engineers hand. The four generation of mill R & D and manufacturing experience + German advanced roll grinding technology, created the LUM superfine processing capacity breakthrough the bottleneck of superfine powder of vertical mill, imagine reality makes a one-time completion of ultrafine powder grinding, grading and conveying operation, large projects such as the preparation of various nonmetallic ore grinding and grading, power plant desulfurization for grinding mills slag powder, lime powder deep processing and the blast furnace coal injection provides a new tool.

Vertical Roller Mill Advantages

1, high grinding efficiency. Vertical mill using the bed grinding principle of grinding materials, 30% lower than the ball milling system. (milling consumption sound energy and heat energy)

2, the process is simple, save construction investment. Vertical mill separator,using hot flue gas conveying material, do not need to powder selectingmachine and hoist, direct into the powder collecting device collects grinding dust containing gas, so the vertical mill system has the advantages of simple process, low failure rate, high operation rate, compact layout, construction area of ball milling 70%, building space for the milling of 50-60%.

3, drying capacity. Vertical mill is adopted in the hot gas conveying material, inthe larger grinding water material (such as coal, slag) can control the inlet air temperature, so that products meet the final moisture, vertical mill dryingmoisture 12-15% materials; even drying mill, only the water drying for 3-4% materials.

4, metal wear small. Because the vertical mill run without direct contact, metalwear small, limestone unit wear is generally 4-6 grams / tons, up to 500 grams / tons of ball mill. Grinding white minerals on the whiteness of ball mill is much smaller than the effect of much.

5 little dust, low noise. Vertical mill at work, grinding sound soft, generally atabout 80 db. The grinding roller and the grinding disc is not in direct contact,about 20-25 dB lower than the ball mill noise. Vertical mill adopts a whole sealing, system operation, under negative pressure dust less, the environment clean.

6, products have a high degree of. Vertical mill in the qualified products can immediately separated, and avoid the grinding, uniform product size; and theball mill is easy to cause crushing. Mill adjustment separator speed, wind speed and roller pressure is very convenient, the realization is convenient to adjust the product fineness.


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