Sand Making Machine Technology Constanly Reforms

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Sand Making Machine Technology Constanly Reforms

Post by onlysunny on Sun Sep 28, 2014 7:46 pm

The difference in production design and configuration of sand making production line will directly influence the overall production level and profit of the sand and stone production line project. Traditional granite sand making machine production line mainly has the following configuration plans: first is jaw crusher+ cone crusher+ sand maker; second is jaw crusher+ impact crusher+ sand maker, which is the more widely used configuration methods of granite sand making production line.

With social advancement and technical improvement of sand production, these two configuration methods show more and more shortcomings. As for the first configuration method, the abrasion of the wear-resisting spare parts is too much, which is too high of production cost for the manufacturing companies to bear. As for the second configuration method, the production capacity of sand maker cannot reach the standard and the electricity consumption is high. Zenith Machinery, as the first sand and stone project general contractor in China, launches a new process scheme: ore crusher+ Germany original R series centrifugal sand maker, which is a technical reform with epoch-making significance.

Taking the granite production line as an example, here we are going to analyze the unique advantages of the new configuration method.

1. The newly configured production line reduces 15.4% of the investment in main machine.

2. Five main machines are reduced, including three belts, one cone crusher, three sand makers and one vibrating screen, thus greatly saving infrastructure construction and installation investment.

3. The installed power is greatly reduced and electricity consumption for per tone is reduced by 60%.

4. The consumption of wear-resisting spare parts is reduced by 47.6% compared with the common production line.

5. The production cost per ton of the new type of equipment configuration production line is reduced by 55.4%.

From the above analysis, we can see that the newly configured granite sand making production line has been greatly reduced in equipment numbers, investment cost, electricity consumption and running cost, and this is the reform effect of new sand maker technology, and it will greatly improve the actual production level of the sand and stone plants, reduce the production cost and improve their profit margins.


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