How to correctly use the Raymond Mill

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How to correctly use the Raymond Mill

Post by onlysunny on Sat Sep 27, 2014 1:06 am

Raymond mill has a lot of skills when in use, scientific and rational use of Raymond mill can reduce the failure rate, prolong the service life of Raymond mill, 30 years the production of Raymond Mill summed up the following typical experience:

1, With each other to air flow and the rotational speed of the classifier , Raymond Mill fineness regulation. A reasonable allocation of air volume and speed of two elements, win-win yield and fineness! In the production of coarse powder is 40-80 mesh, the classifier can be stopped, fan door open, you cantry to get rid of the classifier wheel, in order to reduce fan pressure loss! The production of fine powder, the need to open the classifier motor, conditional word, can give classifier motor with a frequency converter, can be stepless adjustment of speed, the production of fine powder principle is as large as possible to allow air flow, under the condition that the power of classifier, set high speed, high wind speed and high speed is a guarantee of fine powder high quality.

2, Raymond mill must use the bin and the electromagnetic vibration feeder.Raymond Mill maintain uniform feeding of grinding roller assembly, a motor are directly related to the material, too much can cause motor long time overload operation or blockage. Uneven feeding can cause internal bearing and oil seal caused by stress impact of grinding roller, stress frequency is not the law,thereby reducing the service life of the bearing and oil seal.

3, should promptly check the wind closing device at the lower part of Raymond Mill of cyclone separator, cyclone separator to keep safe state determination,avoid because of internal circulation powder, return caused by low output, high power consumption such as fan.


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