Raymond Mill Has a Good Prospects

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Raymond Mill Has a Good Prospects

Post by onlysunny on Thu Sep 25, 2014 9:41 pm

Nowadays, most of the industrial manufacturing of new superfine powder material demand, covering almost all the heavy industry production and manufacture department. Raymond Mill plays an important role in the preparation of ultrafine powder material process, along with the demand prospects of superfine powder material in the social production continues to strengthen, will pull up the market demand of Raymond mill. As mining machinery industry well-known brand aimed at the market opportunities,increase investment in the development and production of link of Raymond mill, make the product to energy saving and environmental protection and efficient production of the direction of change, the realization of "commitment to support 100% customers realize the dream" of the enterprise.

The advanced structure of Raymond Mill by the domestic and foreign similar products, and according to years of equipment research and developmentexperience and market feedback information, based on the same industry of Raymond Mill on improving design and updated. In the use of the traditional process of Raymond Mill we found, in the processing of calcite powder, 325 mesh powder containing 10 m ultra-fine powder large, if can be separated toexpand production by some technical methods, will greatly enhance theenterprise benefit.

Metallic and nonmetallic mineralizer and some other organic matter is the main source of super fine powder material industry, such as molybdenum powder,magnesium powder of these metal mineralizer superfine powder and kaolin,talc powder such non gold compound ultrafine powder. These ultrafine powdermaterials by special technology processing, with the production of wide applicability, basic can be used in the production and processing of industrial products. If the material properties improved after special treatment, the applicable scope and can expand exponentially. For example, a lot of new industrial products using superfine powder material as additive, greatly reduces the cost of production, the original product strength, elasticity,resistance to high temperature. Anti radiation, anti aging function but havevarying degrees of increase, this is the thing for the enterprise and the customer satisfy both sides.

In order to make the customer's production of continuous running smoothly,Raymond mill has the characteristics as follows: firstly, equipment than the ball mill efficiency is high; in addition, a grinding ring replacement cycle is long, the grinding roller, this is because the grinding roller under the action of centrifugal force in grinding ring tightly compacted, when grinding ring wear to a certainthickness of the grinding roller when finished, does not affect the yield andfineness, which removes the replacement of wearing parts cycle short ills of Raymond mill. Thoughtful design make this is the red star person seriously study the market feedback information after.

In addition to Raymond mill, milling equipment also includes high strength flour mill, high pressure mill equipment, selection of suitable size to different requirements and different conditions.


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