Raymond mill grinding equipment maintenance

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Raymond mill grinding equipment maintenance

Post by onlysunny on Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:53 pm

Raymond mill is a large machinery, is very expensive, but the mechanical equipment milling when necessary, so the use of the process must becircumspect, regular maintenance, regular inspection, to deal with the problemin time. How to make the maintenance of Raymond mill equipment is not a problem, the normal operation?

First, always check the installation of the new tyre, because the installation of the new tire easily loose

Second, must require the injection of bearing lubricating oil seal must be good,clean. Because of all the load bearing will have to take the machine, but alsodirectly affect the operation of the machine rate and service life.

Third, each member periodically check the machine is working properly, and wearing parts wear, timely replacement.

Fourth, if the bearing oil temperature rise of more than 35 DEG C, should immediately stop check the reasons and to eliminate.

Fifth, the rotation of the gear in operation if there is impact sound, should immediately stop check and eliminate.

Sixth, the chassis plane in place active device, be sure to remove dust, keep clean, to avoid activities bearing can not on the underframe mobile severe accident.

Raymond mill equipment in every day use, components wear is normal, andmust be promptly replaced, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine. As Raymond mill equipment is expensive, not likely to buy in bulk orleave the spare, so replace the parts must be timely, and required to be the same type, so as to avoid the machine malfunction or damage occurs when using the machine. This requires that when we select and change must be careful, cautious, where is the special attention?

First, we must first understand what are the main parts of Raymond mill. The device of Raymond mill accessories: reducer, wear-resistant parts, analyzer,patent grinding roller assembly, wind machine, high pressure grinding device,plum frame etc..

Second, in the choose and buy accessories, it is best to buy the same brand of the same specification, the original configuration. We all know, accessories or the original, a manufacturer of a machine could not dominate a fittings, there sure are a lot of spare parts for the same.

Third, in the replacement parts, must be strictly in accordance with the replacement process, the resettlement place. The replacement to check the accessories are installed properly completed, whether the normal operation of the machine.


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