best quality water slag vertical roller mill

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best quality water slag vertical roller mill

Post by onlysunny on Wed Sep 17, 2014 7:52 pm

China best quality water slag vertical roller mill is where the production? Vertical millhas also become a vertical mill, which can be used for power plant pulverized coal preparation, vertical milling machine we produced has become the cement industry raw materials, grinding clinker andslag of blast furnace and power plant, cement kiln and furnace pulverizing coalfamous grinding tool, and is widely used for mixing the mass productionstation, fly ash, slag, steel slag water power plant desulfurization and various kinds of ore rock, coal and other materials.

Vertical roller mill production we have years of experience in R & D, R & DEngineer under the leadership of painstaking research, developed a new generation of LM vertical mill, the mill grinding effect is good, low energy consumption, the grinding roller layout, roll sleeve, bearing a thin oil circulationsystem is a breakthrough, improve work efficiency powder selecting machinecomprises a rotor, using dynamic and static powder selecting machine,improve the powder selecting efficiency, the operation of the control system of vertical milling machine is convenient, better than similar foreign products.

We are a high quality flour mill equipment manufacturers, was founded in 1987, has nearly 30 years of industrial mill production experience, absorbs the domestic and foreign high quality vertical mill grinding technology, combined with the domestic situation, to develop suitable for domestic optimal vertical grinding equipment, has been widely used in water slag, slag, steel slag,powder ash, power plant desulfurization and other fields, is the best qualityChina water slag vertical mill.


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