Longitudinal Tilting Raymond Mill Working principle

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Longitudinal Tilting Raymond Mill Working principle

Post by onlysunny on Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:59 pm

Raymond mill is mainly applicable to conventional crushing, such as kaolin,limestone, calcite, talc, marble, barite, gypsum, iron oxide red, iron oxide green, aluminum hydroxide, pigment, bentonite, kaolin, carbon black, coal,activated carbon, humidity is less than 8%, Mohs hardness of non inflammable and explosive materials below level 6 the superfine powder processing.

Longitudinal tilting Raymond mill working principle:

Longitudinal tilting Raymond machine main host, fineness analysis machine,blower, finished cyclone powder collector, bag dust collector and connectingair pipe. According to the needs of the user can be equipped with crusher.Lifting machine, a storage hopper, electromagnetic vibration feeder andelectrical control cabinet and other auxiliary equipment.

In the host, the grinding roller assembly through the cross arm hoisting shaft in the roller hanger on, roller hanger and the spindle and the shovel knife is fixedly connected, the pressure spring pressure on the cantilever outer end mill roller bearing chamber, the cross arm shaft as a fulcrum force grinding roller is tightly pressed on the grinding ring on the inner surface, when the motor drives the main shaft to rotate through the transmission device, blade mounted on theblade rack and grinding roller synchronous rotation, grinding and around their axis roll in the mill ring rolling circle. The motor through a transmission devicedrives the rotation of the impeller, the impeller speed is high, sorting out the finer particles.

Three, performance characteristics:

The unique design of 1. The grinding chamber, the pressure device 1500kg - 2000kg designed in the upper flower frame, the same power, yield increase of 10-30%, the pressure roller grinding device for material increased 800-1500kgf,finished the finest fineness can reach 1000 mesh.

2 material applicability for various materials, Mohs hardness of 9.3 of the following.

3 the dust removal effect can reach the national standard.

4 roller device adopts the processing quality and efficient, overlapping multi-stage seal to ensure a good seal effect.

5 roll grinding, grinding ring replacement cycle is long, excluding thedisadvantages of short replacement cycle centrifugal disintegrator fragile.

6 grinding device adopts chongdieshi multistage sealing, good sealing performance.


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