what issues need attention about cement vertical roller mill working

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what issues need attention about cement vertical roller mill working

Post by onlysunny on Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:52 pm

This year, cement, cement vertical roller mill promotion is currently considered the new dry process cement industry and even the future Chinese equipment renewal transformation of the focus, so why cement vertical mill at home with less?

It is understood, compared with the traditional ball mill, vertical roller mill , cement mill has the advantages of small occupation area, the drying capacity, high grinding efficiency, power consumption saving significant advantage by many foreign cement plant for raw material and coal preparation, but the domestic cement vertical mill direct preparation of cement used is not common, is the main because the industry that cement vertical mill grinding cement water demand is high, may lead to cement and poor. So what is the cause of cement vertical mill water?

The cement standard consistency water demand by chemically combined water, hydration product flow water demand and at the end of hydrated cement rheological required water three parts, the first two parts of main and mineral composition of cement and cement fineness, but the proportion of small, rear part and cement particle size and particle size distribution and particle morphology the reason is, cement and water after mixing, the addition of water filled solid particle is surrounded by the formation of a certain thickness on the surface of the water film, the cement paste to obtain certain liquidity, particle size and particle size distribution effects of porosity and particle surface cement layer thickness, particle morphology mainly affect the friction between the particles, round the particles are close to spherical friction between the small, easy rolling, and cement vertical mill cement is flaky or columnar particles, so the friction, need more water to flow.


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