Energy saving advantage of cement vertical roller mill finish grinding system

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Energy saving advantage of cement vertical roller mill finish grinding system

Post by onlysunny on Mon Sep 08, 2014 7:55 pm

The correct use of cement vertical roller mill in order to achieve the goal of energy saving and consumption reduction, energy saving cement vertical mill finish grinding system analysis pointed out that if the energy-saving and advantages for you. Cement grinding power consumption of total energy consumption in the production process of cement 1/3, therefore, reduce the power consumption of cement grinding process has been an important topic of research and technical personnel industry.

Different grinding system of cement grinding by ball milling or the main roller mill . Vertical roller mill with simple and convenient, efficient, stable and reliable, low noise and environmental protection etc., has been widely used for grinding cement and pulverized coal, but for the production of cement is still not popularized, the main reason is people worried about two issues, one is the vertical mill for grinding cement really receive energy-saving effect, two is used in the production of cement vertical mill cement properties will change, so that the cement products can not meet the needs of the market.
Influence factors of cement grinding power consumption of many, such as: the quality of clinker, blended material quality and varieties, process design, cement ratio and cement grinding system equipment assembly level and so on, but the key factors affecting the grinding mechanism of host. In fact, the product performance of cement clinker quality, will be affected by the mixed material quality and varieties, cement ratio, storage conditions and time effect. At the same time, a large number of experiments and production practice has proved, the same material, the use of different cement grinding system have obvious effect on the cement products. But through the comparison of the following aspects of data analysis, can more clearly reflect the cement vertical mill finish grinding system of cement performance will not change.

Cement vertical mill has the following advantages: saving, roller + milling system than the commonly used energy saving 4kWh/t; single machine capacity, small occupied area; cement product performance as the roller + milling system for the production of cement; cement vertical mill finishing process grinding system, a small number of simple mechanical and electrical equipment, the stable running of the system; cement vertical mill finish grinding system of raw water high, Yi Mo raw material adaptability difference; easy to cement replacement, cement products at low temperature.

Cement production as a traditional high energy consuming industries, enterprises will be faced with energy saving more and more pressure, along with the people to the cement vertical mill finish grinding system realize the high-efficient energy-saving technology gradually, it will in the future new construction projects, technological transformation, the existing production line of cement grinding station configuration have more and more extensive application.


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