large vertical roller mill help milling industry rapid development

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large vertical roller mill help milling industry rapid development

Post by onlysunny on Thu Sep 04, 2014 7:58 pm

Generally speaking, in most people's eyes, milling machine and grinding machine is the same equipment, but they themselves are different, the vertical roller mill is mainly belongs to a kind of ultra precision machining, its processing precision is very high, and can be processed material range is quite wide, but the general efficiency will be lower, but the cost is too high, in contrast, milling machine is widely used in mining, chemical, material grinding processing, building materials and other industries, is a very common milling equipment.

Thus, the use range of vertical roller mill is very wide, but due to the rapid development of these countries, around the city of construction in the like a raging fire, so the mill demand is quite large, it stimulated the development of flour milling industry in a certain extent, but the market is flooded with all kinds of grinding equipment, more and more manufacturers involved, domestic, large and small grinding equipment manufacturers, too many to count, but most of them are small scale, large manufacturers is not very common, though not necessarily is a good deed, but strong competition to stimulate producers to develop new products of rhythm, everywhere began to set up R & D center, are trying to create the mill brand, its own finally deliver the goods, Shenzhen milling machine manufacturers developed a new grinding equipment, ultrafine grinding became a turning point for the industry, the fineness of grinding material and more accurate, and this kind of equipment is also more environmentally friendly, energy-saving environmental protection equipment and new production efficiency it also greatly improved, and to some extent also reduced the cost of production, the operation is more Simple, overall than the previous milling equipment, more humanized and intelligent, this is exactly what the future development direction of Chinese milling equipment industry.

Although the new equipment to improve production efficiency greatly, but the device is only a function of its own, if you can add some auxiliary function, the effect will be more obvious, in short, is to directly improve the mill output, especially need to pay attention to pre grinding fine broken, some process after grinding powder and grinding transformation, these three aspects need to pay attention to efficiency will be greatly improved milling equipment. Now in the market for large mill, flour mill is a lot of choice for customers, and it is precisely to meet all the above merits, believe that the future development China grinding equipment industry will become better and better.


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