The Anticorrosive Methods of Lignite Dryer

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The Anticorrosive Methods of Lignite Dryer

Post by dongfang on Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:58 am

Lignite dryer can be widely used in the following fields: the drying of coal slime, clinker grinding ball mill raw coal, mixed concentrate coal flotation concentrate coal of the coal industry; the drying of blast furnace slag, clay, bentonite, limestone, quartz sand, stone and other materials in the construction industry; the drying of various metal ores, waste slag and tailings in ore beneficiation industry; the drying of non heat sensitive materials of chemical industry.
Due to the production process of lignite drying machine, it cannot avoid contacting with oil, in addition to the analysis of materials of the drying machine, and these are the problems of the production process. Therefore, we specially develop the anticorrosive methods of lignite drying machine. The commonly used lignite drying machine is composed by welding, plate and cylinder. It is essential for the anti-corrosion, anti rust treatment of the drying equipment manufacturing process.
1. The electrostatic powder coating method. The paint applied on the manufacture of baking equipment is in liquid, list of coal mines in india which contains a large number of esters, ketones, hydrocarbons and other organic solvents. It will bring a series of problems to the production, storage, transportation and construction processes. The flammable and explosive materials are not safe, so the use of electrostatic powder coating can perfectly improve this situation.
2. The phosphating and passivation process. The process adopts electrical and electrochemical reaction, and through a one-time treatment, it not only can make the steel work piece with full of rust, so the surface of the metal will present the original color. At the same time, the formation of compact rust layer will be formed metal surface.
SBM Machinery is the R & D enterprise of slime drying machine, rock phosphate grinders which has complete slime drying equipment, technical services and other equipment upgrading projects. We provide one-stop, economical and accurate drying schemes for the high wet materials. SBM slime dryer has reliable quality, favorable price and thoughtful service, so as to bring more profits for customers!


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