The classification and application of LED

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The classification and application of LED

Post by feelys on Sun Jun 01, 2014 3:38 am

LED lamp luminous color pure, bright colors, high brightness, energy saving and environmental protection, long life, safe and reliable, has cut a striking figure in the decoration industry.

The LED lamp strip is divided into what?

LED lights and LED lighting and LED light bar two, the difference is as follows:

1, flexible LED light strip is done using FPC assembly circuit board, with patch LED were assembled, the thickness of the product is only a thickness 1MM, does not occupy a space; general specifications for each m 30 lights, 48 lights, 60 lights, different users have different specifications. And it can cut, also can be extended and the light is not affected. FPC soft material, can be arbitrarily bending, folding, winding, break move and expansion but not in three-dimensional space. The use of local and space suitable for irregular narrow place, also because it can be arbitrary bending and winding, suitable for any combination of various patterns in advertising decoration. Worth it is FPC itself material is also divides a lot of kinds, above the market with regular double plate made of rolled copper FPC, of course, many enterprises also decreased pursuit of material cost, take a FPC electrolyte, electrolyte FPC easily in the process of welding, weld and directly led lamp death phenomenon, in addition, both from the conductive performance and flexibility on the electrolyte is not able to compete with the rolled copper.

2, LED light bar is PCB hard do assembly circuit board, LED useful patch LED assembly, useful also in line LED assembly, as required by different components of different. The advantages of rigid strip is relatively easy to fix, processing and installation are convenient; the disadvantage is not bent, not suitable for irregular places. Light bar with patch LED per meter 30 lights, 48 lights, 60 lights a good variety of specifications; used in LED are 18, 24, 36, 48 and so on the different specifications, also have a positive side, side emitting called the Great Wall lights.

CuteCircuits uses a LED mini skirt on fashion week

The world's most beautiful and dazzling will always appear at the New York fashion week, and wearable devices can not miss this great event. Next, we introduce a luminous mini skirt! CuteCircuits create a dazzling mini skirt with LED magic. This is not only in the old mini skirt put some big and bulky LED lamp. LED is the dispersion of the join. So this mini skirt feels like a common Mini skirt. If you put it in the body, you still don't realize it can shine. When it comes to light, the wearer can change the color and pattern of Bluetooth LED. If you want to wear a look like moving "Pac Man" (Pac-Man) mini skirt, this dress is absolutely your heart. This technique is not only applied in the mini skirt. The company also plans to put LED this element in a series of tops and dresses. So, whatever your fashion, walking in the street, you will be like a Christmas tree so prominent.

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