LED lights with a brief introduction

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LED lights with a brief introduction

Post by feelys on Sun May 11, 2014 7:54 am

The traditional 12V patch with a large DC transformer, and a transformer can only take 5 meters; and upgrade version of the LED lamp with only a small DC plugs can access 220V power, a plug can be connected to 50 meters, is very convenient and the installation, saves the cost.

Before lighting lamp ordinary belt, large power, fast temperature rise, easy to cause fire, SMD LED lamp with low temperature, safety. Slotting practices SMD LED lamp with the use of a lamp, even though it will not affect the brightness of whole rice, ordinary light from a lamp a meter is not bright. The old lamp with a meter is 35 watts to 50 watts. While the LED lamp belt is a meter of 2 watts, from the effects of energy saving and environmental protection point of view, this means that the installation of the LED lamp belt will get rid of previously only can occasionally enjoy a lamp groove, porch, beautiful sight corridor brought embarrassment.. When you watch TV when you can completely shut down the main lamp room, open the lamp groove with lights or television wall lamp, which can save you more power can also protect your eyes when you watch TV when, can add some warm, romantic atmosphere.

LED lamp belt range:

Suitable for home decoration, hotel, KTV, bars and other places of recreation and leisure to do decorative foil atmosphere

Apply to the pursuit of fashion, romantic love and creative friends, for individual apartments and home decoration, its soft, light, thin features of DIY is very suitable for their own personal space

Applicable to decorate the automobile chassis, body and car decoration, high brake decoration and advertisement decoration, city lighting engineering, exhibition hall and the building exterior wall decoration and other fields
led tape/
flexible led strip


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