Flexible LED Strip exposed light-emitting words

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Flexible LED Strip exposed light-emitting words

Post by feelys on Sat May 03, 2014 1:21 am

After the failure of green waste: waste Recyclable, no environmental pollution. Low voltage power supply: no pressure, in order to insulated overhead to a lot of small, high reliability; accessories simple: no starter, ballast or transformer has the advantages of simple structure: the biggest advantage, has a solid light source without inflation, no glass shell, no gas leakage problem, impact resistance; controllable LED exposed light-emitting words good: response time (microsecond level), can be repeatedly light out, basically no inert, not tired; light colorful characters can transform various color light. Color: color, pure thick by the semiconductor pn junction itself is pure, thick; rich colors: three colors plus digital technology, can change any color; light structural LED exposed light-emitting words: material is very low on the requirements and stiffness lamp intensity; small volume: LED lights can be regarded as a LED cell, the smallest LED only square millimeter magnitude or less; flexible gestures too small can produce resin word LED exposed light-emitting words good: LED light source is exquisite, and enable LED to adapt the decorative lighting geometry and different space requirements, such as: point, line, surface, the ball shaped body, and any art form light sculpture. For more information please see exposed light-emitting words LED strip light, flexible LED strip http://www.dealightstore.com/


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