Most Led Lights Cost

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Most Led Lights Cost

Post by feelys on Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:51 am

Just on the price of it, buying a LED lamp, equivalent to buy 16 of incandescent lamp, buy a CFL, spent nine incandescent lamp is equivalent to the price.Buy leds obviously than incandescent light bulbs, energy-saving lamps and cost-effective.But on factors such as the service life of the power consumption and light bulb, the LED lamp lighting life of 15000 hours calculation, is equivalent to 15 incandescent or the sum of three energy-saving lamps.On the power consumption, incandescent lamp need to consume 600 KWH, energy-saving lamps of 115.5 degrees, and LED lights for only 69 degrees.

Calculated according to 0.48 yuan per kilowatt-hour, using 15000 hours, using incandescent produces electricity is 333 yuan, energy-saving lamps is 139.44 yuan, and LED lights only 82.92 yuan.If the long-term use of, or LED lamp is the most cost-effective, and the best lighting effect.

led strip light

flexible led strip


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