9 Advantages LED Strip Light

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9 Advantages LED Strip Light

Post by feelys on Fri Apr 04, 2014 3:44 am

First, pure colors : LED soft light with high brightness SMD LED as light emitting element , and therefore has the advantages of LED light-emitting element , light color pure, soft, no glare. Either as decorative purposes , and can cater lighting purposes .

Second, the softness : LED soft light with a very soft FPC as the substrate , can be bent without breaking , easy molding , modeling for various advertising needs .

Third, small heat : LED soft light emitting element is LED, due to the single LED power is very low, generally 0.04 ~ 0.08W, therefore heat is not high. Can be used as decorative lighting aquarium , without generating a lot of heat caused by rising water temperatures , affecting the growth of ornamental fish .

Four , super energy-saving : LED soft light power per meter of only 4.8W 1210 , 5050 LED flexible strip per meter power of 7.2W, compared to conventional lighting and decorative lighting , the low power several times , but the effect is a lot better .

Five green : LED Strip Light LED component materials whether or FPC, its materials are used in environmental protection material, are recyclable type , not because of the extensive use of the environment caused by pollution and destruction.

Six security : LED flexible light strip uses a low-voltage DC 12V supply voltage, so it is safe to use on . Whether the elderly, children can be used safely without causing a safety hazard.

Seven Easy installation : LED Strip Light installation is very simple, equipped with retaining clips , trunking , wire , metal mesh , etc. can be installed in a variety of supporting surface . In addition, because LED flexible strip light, thin, and therefore , can also be achieved using double-sided adhesive fixed functions . No professional can install , you can really enjoy the fun of DIY decoration .

Eight , long life : the normal life of led strip light is 8 to 10 million hours of non-stop work for 24 hours a day , almost all their life for nearly 10 years . Thus , LED soft light of life is several times the traditional lamp .

Nine , wide range of applications : LED soft light because the soft , thin , pure color and other characteristics, are widely used in body contour floor , stairs , stand , bridge , hotel , KTV decorative lighting, as well as the production of advertising signs , all kinds of large-scale animation , paintings of advertising design and other places. With the maturity of LED soft light technology, its application will be more extensive.


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