LED Strip in several cases that will burn?

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LED Strip in several cases that will burn?

Post by feelys on Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:34 pm

led strip elements under normal circumstances are working under conditions of low voltage DC.
If burned, may have the following situations:
1, with or without direct access exchange? If the high-pressure light, if not, please continue down;
2, LED light strip power drive abnormal; voltage or current exceeds the rated power output of the standard;
3, LED rear light bar made​​, long hours of work, heat buildup can not be transmitted to the outside world. Please check the radiator without exception, or adequacy of the cooling surface heat.
4, LED lamp beads exception (this point can be identified).
5, electrostatic (depending on the program and the damaged lamp beads phenomenon, or a bunch or not the law).
I hope to help you.

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