Some knowledge of the permanent magnet

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Some knowledge of the permanent magnet

Post by feelys on Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:22 am

In normal circumstances , the lodestone ( like magnetite ) is able to remain permanently magnetic , which is due to the magnetic field for a reason , and magnetite iron oxide , usually a period of time that begins at the formation of the Earth is non-magnetic , but in the long-term accumulation of the magnetic response to a magnetic field , and thus to long-term preservation . However, if the subject of the role of changes in the magnetic field , and change the subject of the role of magnetite in place , long after its magnetism will slowly disappear, the reverse appears to form a magnetic field !
If it is a magnetic atoms presence filled energy levels , with this electronic spin magnetic moment of the electron appears to develop , the next moment these two matches before slowly outfield affect the performance of the macroscopic magnetic ! make a permanent magnet at its Curie temperature does not look demagnetization, in addition to that , the magnet can not have to say, may not have magnetic loss , magnetic would not eliminate !
Magnetic is usually able to maintain for a long time , such as a magnetic lodestone permanently maintained . However, in some special conditions of the magnet will not magnetic , known as demagnetization and demagnetization , especially these two conditions often contain severe shock, impact or high temperature


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